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Here at Retouch Plus we’ve witnessed first-hand the power of this work.  

Pictures and movies that we deliver take on new life, bringing fresh, powerful and uplifting emotions to the surface.

When all the cracks, creases, dirt, smudges, faded colors, torn edges and other damage is corrected, it no longer gets in the way and lets you connect like never before.

We help you make these memories accessible to every member of your family.

We provide free pickup and delivery within the Kansas City metro area !

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Retouch Plus was founded in 2010 with a commitment to bring great quality and fair prices to an overpriced industry. Our team is proud of our growth and we’re looking forward to the future!

The owner of Retouch Plus brought his 16 years of experience from the Nielsen Company (the TV ratings giant) to the media transfer industry. At Nielsen he specialized in Lean, Six Sigma and other Business Process Improvement (BPI) techniques to produce efficient data production workflows.

This training and experience is now showing itself in what we believe to be the most efficient media transfer workflows the industry has seen, and our prices reflect that!  Continuous improvement is our main goal, and the methods we use are tried and true, proven across many industries.

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